Integrated Cluster Development

TRAIDE facilitates Joint Investments in Africa

A growing number of Dutch companies choose to collaborate with other companies when investing on the African continent, following a ‘clustered approach’ that enables them to share labour, capital expenditures, and improve their overall export potential. Furthermore, their proximity to one another enables them to share infrastructure (roads, electricity grid, pack-houses and processing plants) and offers them security. The Dutch government and local authorities increasingly support these consortia, provided that their investments benefit employees and the surrounding communities.

TRAIDE facilitates the integration, cooperation and management of these clusters. Our team helps Dutch consortia with the following activities:

- Feasibility studies (such as site identification and selection)

- Scoping missions

- Building and maintaining government relationships

- Overall project management

The TRAIDE team has previously supported:

- Ethiopia Kunzila Program Coordination

- Ethiopia Raya Valley Site identification and feasibility

- Ivory Coast Impact Cluster

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