TRAIDE identifies Business Opportunities

To enhance trade and investments between the Netherlands and Rwanda, TRAIDE identifies business opportunities in various sectors on an ongoing basis. TRAIDE collects market intelligence on a regular basis to provide you with up-to-date potential business opportunities: from potential markets to a contextualised sectoral overview. All our reports are written by our local offices with support from external experts. Multiple Dutch companies have tapped into various opportunities and developed mutually beneficial business models.

We invite you to read our reports here and to get in touch with our front office if you need more information.


Dairy: BOR-Dairy-Rwanda

Energy: BOR-Energy-Rwanda

Fintech: Factsheet-Fintech-Rwanda

Fintech: Fintech-Market-scan-Rwanda

Horti- and floriculture: BOR-HortiFlori-Rwanda

Poultry: BOR-Poultry-Rwanda

Spices: BOR-Spices-Rwanda

Open and Close Business: Open-Close-Business-in-Rwanda

Paying Taxes: Paying-Taxes-in-Rwanda

Living Wages: RBC-Living Wages report

Responsible Business Conduct: RBC-Rwanda-report

The Dutch Experience: Investing-in-Rwanda

Local Consultants:  Baseline-report-on-interview-with-local-consultants

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