TRAIDE aims to show Dutch businesses the potential of emerging economies and support them to make the right investment. Private sector-led development can fuel sustainable and inclusive growth in emerging economies. Investors can accelerate the development process bringing in new expertise, technologies and financial resources. TRAIDE seeks to find the right balance between trade and aid matching the right companies with the right opportunities.

Every country is home to a different market, and each investor has a different value proposal. For this reason, TRAIDE is characterized by a dynamic and agile working method. Products and services are offered on demand basis, continuously adjusting to the needs of the private sector as well as requests of government agencies or non-governmental organisations. When an issue is raised by the private sector, we work with all the stakeholders involved to find a solution.

The globalized trade system can and should contribute to prosperity, health and happiness in emerging markets. Market-based solutions can bring about structural change. We aim to understand and link the needs of foreign investors and local communities to ensure projects are mutually beneficial. In this way, it is possible to enhance the sustainability of foreign investments in emerging markets.


We show entrepreneurs the promise of diverse emerging economies, convince them to invest and support them to make a sustainable and inclusive investment


We envision a globalised trade system that contributes to health, prosperity and happiness in emerging markets.

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