About Traide

Since 2013, Traide is dedicated to make your investment succeed. We strongly believe that Private Sector Development fuels sustainable and inclusive growth in emerging economies. Regardless whether you are exploring opportunities or are already active in the country, our services are there to make our investments succeed. The TRAIDE program aims to:

  • Show the potential of Emerging Markets
  • Provide in-country support through a local and international team
  • Help incoming investors with a soft landing
  • Help investors to avoid costly mistakes and reduce risks
  • Providing ad hoc support with newly arising challenges and needs
  • Reducing cost of doing business
  • Advocate on behalf of the Dutch private sector

Thanks to the support of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, we have supported domestic and foreign investors since 2013 throughout Ethiopia. Traide is a successor from the Ethiopian Netherlands Trade for Agricultural Growth (ENTAG) program. Due to its success and learned lessons, the program was restructured and rebranded as Traide. The program has expanded since the opening of the Rwandan office in 2018 and we aspire to extend our services to companies across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mission & Vision

Private sector-led development can fuel sustainable and inclusive growth in emerging economies. Investors can accelerate the development process by bringing in new expertise, technologies and financial resources. TRAIDE provides a helping hand to find the right balance between trade and aid; supporting companies to identify and exploit opportunities, while enhancing positive impacts.

Vision – We envision a globalised trade system that contributes to prospering emerging markets.

Mission – We show entrepreneurs the promise of emerging markets, convince them to invest, and help them to make their investment successful and sustainable.


Traide is a not-for profit organisation with offices in the Netherlands and Sub-Saharan Africa. The work of Traide foundation (Netherlands) revolve around expanding the Traide program and to supporting activities in Ethiopia and Rwanda.

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