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    The mission of the TRAIDE Foundation is to promote the transition from aid to trade in developing countries and emerging economies. TRAIDE aims to facilitate this transition by:

    - identifying, developing, and stimulating sustainable and responsible trade, investment, and knowledge exchange between the European Union and emerging economies

    - developing and promoting local entrepreneurship: TRAIDE envisions a globalised trade system that contributes to employment, decent wages, and environmentally sound business practices in emerging markets.

    The foundation aims to support sustainable trade and investment that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a particular focus on decent work and economic growth, living cities and communities, and gender equality (SDGs 8, 11, and 5). In the long run, TRAIDE aims to support Dutch companies in all emerging economies where it can build bridges with the local private sector and Dutch and other European economies.

    The foundation actively promotes knowledge exchange between its projects and teams in Africa and Asia, and maintains a strong network in the Netherlands with companies, financial institutions, government agencies, and research organisations. This strong network will provide local teams with a sufficient flow of new companies and organisations, increasing the amount of trade and private sector investment. Currently, TRAIDE has local offices in Rwanda and Ethiopia, and aims to expand to other emerging economies. Programmes in Africa are supported by the Embassies of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Addis Ababa and Kigali.

    Within 15 years, TRAIDE foresees that local partnerships will have been built in at least 10 countries. The foundation aims to achieve this through the implementation of different programmes and projects embedded in local contexts. TRAIDE takes a collaborative approach and wants to join forces with local implementing organisations.


    Integrated Cluster Development

    Facilitating the development and management of investment efforts by Dutch consortia

    Responsible Business Support

    Promoting responsible business practices by tailoring investments to local needs

    Business Opportunity Reports

    Providing business opportunities based on market intelligence

    Market Linkages

    Facilitating investors and trading companies to find customers and partners

    Private Sector Associations

    Providing technical assistance to private sector associations

    Front Office Support

    Offering technical, legal, financial and HR advice for the operation of your business

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