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    The key objectives of TRAIDE Ethiopia are to support Dutch companies in Ethiopia and contribute to sustainable private sector development. TRAIDE Ethiopia is funded by and implemented in close collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Addis Ababa. 

    Investment opportunities for Dutch companies 

    Ethiopia’s economy has grown for the past decade, at an annual rate of between 8% and 10%, and is the fastest-growing economy in sub-Saharan Africa. Partly because of this, Ethiopia is one of the most important destinations for Dutch investments in Africa. With around 90 investments in a wide range of sectors, the Netherlands has the largest number of investments in Ethiopia of all European Union countries.

    Although most Dutch investments are in agriculture (in particular, floriculture), food & beverages, livestock, and beer, a new privatisation wave could create opportunities for Dutch investments in relatively unexplored sectors, such as water, logistics, health, chemicals, and renewable energy.

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    About TRAIDE Ethiopia

    TRAIDE Ethiopia is a programme carried out by the TRAIDE Foundation to support Dutch companies in Ethiopia. Its main objectives are:

    1. Increase Dutch investments in and trade with Ethiopia
    2. Provide support to existing investors and associations active in Ethiopia
    3. Support companies in improving their RBC (Responsible Business Conduct)
    4. Build local capacity that can drive trade and investments in the future

    TRAIDE Ethiopia offers market intelligence (Business Opportunity Reports), matchmaking between Dutch and Ethiopian businesses (individual linkages, and trade missions), project development (impact and investor clusters), and responsible business conduct trainings.


    Front Office

    Previously known as the Dutch Business Council, the Ethiopian Netherlands Business Association (ENLBA) has operated under the umbrella of the Dutch Embassy in Ethiopia since 2013. The ENLBA aims to assist Dutch businesses in Ethiopia and to serve as a point of entry for new Dutch investors. ENLBA operates the front desk for local and international Dutch companies, and simultaneously facilitates information and knowledge sharing within the Dutch business community. ENLBA has strong ties with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, different governmental offices, the European Business Forum in Ethiopia, as well as with various foreign secretarial associations. Currently, ENLBA has more than 60 active member companies operating in different sectors in Ethiopia.


    In general, TRAIDE Ethiopia supports existing and new Dutch companies in Ethiopia that contribute to sector development, employment, foreign currency generation and other positive effects of Dutch business with Ethiopia. We are flexible in our approach to this support and decide in regular meetings with the Dutch business community and the Netherlands Embassy in Addis Ababa which activities and interventions will be enacted to meet this goal. Additionally, TRAIDE Ethiopia has some fixed services that are always available for Dutch companies.

    Integrated Cluster Development

    Facilitating the development and management of investment efforts by Dutch consortia

    Responsible Business Support

    Promoting responsible business practices by tailoring investments to local needs

    Business Opportunity Reports

    Providing business opportunities based on market intelligence

    Market Linkages

    Facilitating investors and trading companies to find customers and partners

    Private Sector Associations

    Providing technical assistance to private sector associations

    Front Office Support

    Offering technical, legal, financial and HR advice for the operation of your business

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